Interactive Online Experience: Zoom around panoramic Barcelona

Want to live the Barcelona feeling? Ready to learn how to experience Barcelona like a local? Keen to get some insider knowledge about the city and its stories? Then this tour is for you!

Using Zoom, you’ll join a small group of fellow travelers from all over the world, just as you would in real life. You might even make a new friend! We will take you through a day in Barcelona using panoramic images, an interactive map and share photos from our own library with you while answering your questions, offering fun facts, stories and good humor along the way.

We will start with breakfast in a traditional market hall close to our home. Next we climb the stairs to the Catalan Modern Art Museum to enjoy the panoramic view. Here we will explain you the layout of the city.

Sagrada Familia is of course a must see in Barcelona but what about visiting a former hospital close by that is off the main tourist routes? It was built during the Modernist period, an architectural movement that the famous architect Gaudí was part of as well.

Now we have built up our appetite. Where better to enjoy lunch at a sea side restaurant! Learn what locals eat for lunch. The afternoon we will spend discovering local legends that define Catalan culture. Why do we see dragons all over the city?

Afer a day full of new experiences it is finally time to begin relaxing! Join us on a spectacular roof top terrace where you can have a glass of Cava, the local Champaign. And what´s on for dinner? Why not join us at our favorite tapas place.

To round off the busy day we want to take you to a cozy pub where local Flamenco students perform. With a glass of Vermouth in hand we look back at the first day we spent in Barcelona.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access ZOOM?

Upon booking you will receive a confirmation e-mail including log in data.

What is an online experience?

An online experience is an interactive session led by one of our tour guides. Using Zoom the guide will spend a virtual day with you in Barcelona while you are sitting comfortably on your sofa with a drink at hand.

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Interactive Online Experience: Zoom around panoramic Barcelona

Trip Facts

  • 1 hour
  • ZOOM
  • 10 Euro pp.