Top Reviews for our Virtual Tour: Zoom around panoramic Barcelona

Last Updated on June 20, 2024 by Christian Heide

In May 2024 AirBnB decided to discontinue Online Experiences per June 20, 2024. As all of our wonderful reviews may disappear from their website we have saved them on this page for further reference for our guests.

AirBnB was the organisation that reacted very quickly when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the globe and most of the people had to stay home. As travelling came to a halt, online experiences and virtual tours were the next best thing to sweeten everyday life when being bound to home. AirBnB had a whole organisation including an attractive portfolio up and running within four weeks of the pandemic. This was an amazing achievement and it was also for us a wonderful opportunity to generate an income during a difficult period. So we would like to thank AirBnB for having changed travelling throughout challenging times.

Enjoy reading what our guests have to tell about “Zoom around panoramic Barcelona

“Christian was a great host! He was knowledgeable about Barcelona, shared great artifacts, and was able to answer all of our questions enthusiastically.”

Thiago, January 2023

We offered this tour for a virtual holiday gathering for our company and there was a lot of interest from the team in joining. All feedback was great: “I thought it was lovely! I had a great time listening to Christian. It was very interesting to hear about Barcelona and it is such a beautiful city. I thought Christian did an excellent job and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.” – “Christian was fantastic! So warm and engaging. Willing to answer any questions and seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the topics he was discussing. It was a wonderful break to my work day”. Thank you Christian and Michael! Next time in person!

Barbara, Calabasas, CA, December 2022

I had booked this experience for my team and it was very well appreciated by all. Christian walked us through some great points of interest in Barcelona and it was a very nice way to get familiar with this beautiful city. Would highly recommend this tour.

Rashmi in December 2022

This Airbnb experience was almost as good as being there in person. The storytelling with historical references was very much appreciated by this group of retired educators! Barcelona is now on our list of places to visit! The hosts were wonderful!

Mary, Bellingham (WA), USA in September 2022

Christian and the views of Barcelona were great! It is such a dynamic city so we only saw the tip of the iceberg. It left my team eager to visit!

Sharon lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States (May 2022)

I’ve never been to Barcelona, but now I feel like I have. Christian’s knowledge and ability to share his passion and love of the city were a wonderful combo. I loved the combo of popular sites and less “touristy” gems. I highly recommend this virtual tour and maybe some day, I will get to do the in person version. I have no doubt he’d be an outstanding guide.

Ellen in February 2022

Christian is super friendly, enthusiastic and a great host and storyteller. The experience gave me a better sense of Barcelona and a personal contact! This was a great way to start planning for a visit, and a great way to explore a place with friends (who are headed to Barcelona soon). I look forward to visiting and following up with Christian for an in person tour.

Chris from Durham, North Carolina, in March 2022

I was surprised and pleased that we skipped a lot of what I would consider main tourist spots. I feel like when I visit Barcelona I can go and get a real experience, immerse myself into the true culture after Christians tour.

Peggy, Saint Anthony (ID) in February 2022

I purchased this as a gift for someone and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They said Christian was just full of information and such a great storyteller and made the experience amazing. They are ready to pack their bags for an actual trip!

Monica in January 2022

Wonderful experience. I got a real sense of Barcelona and want to go. Beautiful organization. Christian does a great job show a real breadth of experience of the city. Amazing hour and a half.

Martha Grace in February 2022

Thank you, Christian, for the beautiful tour of Barcelona this morning, for sharing your knowledge of the city and showing it’s hidden jems. It really made me want to visit Barcelona one day.

Marina in December 2021 (from Coquitlam, Canada)

Christian was a great host! His enthusiasm and storytelling was contagious as he gave us a historical background and details behind each place he showed us. It definitely makes me want to visit Barcelona some day!

Isabel from Vancouver, Canada, in December 2021

Christian provided a great experience for our group. He’s friendly and knowledgeable, and it was nice that he included some places beyond the typical tourist areas. His enthusiasm and knowledge about the history of Barcelona, architecture, etc. made it a great experience. My friends know who we’ll contact if we decide to visit Barcelona in person!

Cathy from Concord, NH, in December 2021

This was such a fantastic and fun experience. I highly recommend this tour as a way to explore Barcelona along with a knowledgeable and amiable guide.

Danita from Arlington, MA, in December 2021

What a wonderful experience. I was transported to Barcelona and learned so much about this magical setting. Christian’s enthusiasm for Barcelona and the amazing culture was so evident. This was for a birthday and the group of us are even more game to go to Barcelona when we do start traveling again. Christian was super patient with all my questions and was a wonderful host and it was a great experience! Thank You for making this experience so perfect in every way and we’ll definitely contact you if we plan a trip! Happy Holidays!

Ellen in December 2021 (lives in North Reading, MA)

Christian was so knowledgeable of all things Barcelona! We really enjoyed his insights and he did a great job bringing our zoom experience to life.

Rachele lives in Los Angeles, california (in November 2021)

I have to say, Barcelona will be my first stop when the COVID-19 is over! I love this place, I can still feel the beauty of Barcelona and I can imagine the sea breeze blowing even just the online tour. This is the team-building activity for us and our entire team starts falling in love with Barcelona. I think Christian did a great job of walking us around in Barcelona! Not only for the view, cuisine but also with a local culture like Gaudi. I can’t wait to taste the food, visit Sagrada Familia!

Perry from San Francisco in January 2022

This experience was thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining. Christian’s experience, storytelling & pictures combined with the historical significance made the session memorable. Feel like visiting Barcelona as soon as possible. My team of 25 raved about the session afterwards and wished we were actually there. Awesome and inspiring! Thank you Christian for the “trip”. Will recommend to anyone.

Munir from Johannesburg, South Africa in December 2021