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Barcelona currently ranks among the top 3 cities that are mostly visited in Europe. This has certainly a strong impact on parts of the city specialising more and more on the tourist taste. Certain areas have also become overcrowded with tourists. However, as a local you easily learn to live with the masses of people. It is even possible to avoid the main tourist routes and discover a much more authentic Barcelona just a few streets away from the busy places. This is why we have designed our tour “Explore hidden streets with a friend”: Explore Barcelona off the beaten track.


Private tour away from the masses

Our private tour through the old town of Barcelona will make sure that you encounter hidden streets and squares, learn about Catalan history and legends and get a wonderful view on the city like a local.

The tour will start at the Palau de la Música – the famous concert hall in Catalan modernism style. You will hear more about the history of the building and the art movement of Modernism. Strolling through back alleys in the El Born neighbourhood we will also visit a church with more than 1000 years of history away from the tourist tracks. See medieval palaces and walk into the beautiful Santa Maria del Mar church that was privately financed by the local rich people. History from craftsmen to rich merchants will be covered as well as the Roman history when wandering the little streets in the Gothic quarter. Why was Barcelona founded at this spot more than 2000 years ago? Hear legends about the beginning of Christianity in Barcelona and visit the place where the first church was built in the 4th century AD. The tour will finish at an important square of the Spanish Civil War that became an especially tragic site.

During the 2.5 hours walking tour we will also have time to enjoy a drink on a terrace where mostly locals go to. Learn about popular local drinks like Vermouth or Cava, the Champagne from this region.

This private tour is a great introduction to Barcelona and you will receive many restaurant recommendations and get inspired for things to do in Barcelona. If your interest is architecture then you can combine it wonderfully with our “Gaudí & Barcelona Legends” walking tour. Both experiences are seamingly connected and fill a morning or a full afternoon.

Wonderful reviews from our guests

Very personalised experience to see the city with local eye’s and get to know background stories. Exactly what we expected from the description. Very friendly and entertaining.

Raimund, Germany, October 2022

This tour is an absolute must for first timers in Barcelona. Christian truly brings you off the beaten path and acquaints you with the city. His attention to detail, knowledge, insider tips, and ability to personalize the tour on the fly were fantastic. My only regret was not booking earlier in our trip so we could take advantage of all of the excellent recommendations!

Max, United States, June 2022

Chris did an excellent job bringing the crew to many different locales that were both historically signficant and ones that offered us new perspectives on Barcelona. He was very relaxed and I appreciated that as i didnt feel like a total tourist. Chris also had alot of knowledge for the questions we offered. I could tell he had a great passion for Spain and that was inspiring. 10/10 a must-do experience for culture and history lovers.

Michael, United States of America in November 2022
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