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If you’d like your stay in Barcelona to be an amazing adventure… you may run into situations where knowing Spanish is essential.

You’ll have no trouble getting tickets to see the highlights of Catalan Modernism like the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell or the Palau de la Música Catalana.

  • But what if you love hidden cafés?
  • What if you’d like a day trip into the hills?
  • What if you love meeting new people?

The native language of Catalonia is Catalan. But everyone will speak Spanish and you’ll have no problem speaking it. But just in case we’ve included a Catalan translation alongside the 50 Spanish phrases below.

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Useful Spanish & Catalan Phrases for Travelling in Barcelona

Below you’ll find 50 useful Spanish & Catalan phrases to have at hand for your upcoming trip to Barcelona. You can memorise them, print them out, or bookmark this page on your phone to take with you.

Basic Spanish & Catalan Greetings

These are the most common and useful phrases when greeting people, or saying goodbye.

Good morningBuenos díasBon dia
Good afternoonBuenas tardesBona tarda
Good nightBuenas nochesBona nit
How are you?¿Cómo estás?Com estás?

Ps & Qs in Spanish & Catalan

It’s nice to be polite. While people don’t say ‘please’ as much in Spanish and Catalan as English-speakers may be used to…these are important phrases to know.

PleasePor favorSi us plau
Thank youGraciasGràcies
Excuse mePerdonaPerdoni
You’re welcomeDe nadaDe res
Nice to meet youEncantado/aMolt de gust
SorryLo sientoPerdó

Being Understood in Spanish & Catalan

After the formalities, these phrases below will come in handy if you need to start an extended conversation with someone.

Do you speak English?¿Hablas Inglés?Parles anglès?
I don’t understandNo entiendoNo ho entenc
Can you help me?¿Me puedes ayudar?Em pots ajudar?

Getting Directions in Spanish & Catalan

Use these phrases when off the beaten track. They’ll help you get where you want to go and avoid getting lost!

Where is the…?¿Dónde está el/la…?On es el/la…?
I am lost.Estoy perdido/aEstic perdut/perduda
Straight aheadTodo rectoTot recte
Is it far?¿Está lejos?És lluny?
Is it close?¿Está cerca?És a prop?
Where can I get a taxi?¿Dónde hay una parada de taxis?On hi ha una parada de taxis?
Where’s the bus stop?¿Dónde está la parada de autobuses?On és la parada d’autobús?
Where’s the train station?¿Dónde está la estación de trenes? On està l’estació de tren?

Ordering Food & Drink in Restaurants/ Cafés in Spanish & Catalan

You’ll use your Spanish and/or most often when in restaurants and cafés. Especially if you are visiting non-touristy places in Barcelona and surroundings.

Do you have a menu?¿Tienes menú?Tens menú?
Can I have…Quiero el/la…Vull el/la…
Table for X peopleMesa para X personasTaula per a X persones
The bill, pleaseLa cuenta, por favorLa compta, si us plau
Can I pay by card?¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta?Puc pagar amb targeta?
Where’s the bathroom?¿Dónde está el baño?On són els lavabos?
I’m vegetarianSoy vegetarianoSóc vegetarià

Visiting Cultural Attractions/ Sites in Spanish & Catalan

The following phrases will help you buy tickets, sightseeing and getting out and about while in Barcelona.

How much?¿Cuánto es?Quant costa?
Where can I buy tickets?¿Dónde puedo comprar las entradas?On puc comprar les entrades?
X tickets pleaseX entradas por favorX entrades si us plau
What time does it open?¿A qué hora abre?A quina hora obre?
What time does it close?¿A qué hora cierra?A quina hora tanca?
How long does it take?¿Cuánto tiempo cuesta?Quant de temps costa?
Where is the entrance/exit?¿Dónde está la entrada/salida?On és l’entrada/la sortida?
Is photography allowed?¿Se puede tomar fotos?Es pot fer fotos?
Can I get a map/brochure?¿Tienes mapa/folleto?Tens un map/fulletó?

Ready to Make the Most of Your Time in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the top 3 most-visited cities in Europe. It gets more visitors than Madrid or Valencia or Sevilla, making it Spain’s top city for tourists.

But this means certain areas in Barcelona are overcrowded with visitors.

If you want a more authentic experience then you only need to walk a few streets back from the busy streets. Or take a day trip. Or discover hidden parts of the city. 

But…you’ll find that the further you are from touristic areas the more you will need Spanish to get around. Learning the 50 phrases in this blogpost will help you make the most of your time in Barcelona. We recommend you bookmark it on your phone or drop it into a family or group WhatsApp chat in case you need it.

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