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Cava & Chocolate is the perfect combination for your senses and it is a tradition here in Catalonia!

Together with a traditional wine maker from Sant Sadurni The Barcelona Feeling is now offering an exclusive Cava tasting experience and a private tour around their premises. After you have learned more about how the organic sparkling wine is produced you can enjoy premium Cava´s in the beautiful courtyard (or in winter time inside) of the family run business.

There is also a lunch option in the best restaurant of the town that offers an amazing four course menu with bread and wine or cava.

To round off the guided tour you will visit the local chocolate museum of Chocolatier Simon Coll. Dive into their 175 years of chocolate production and taste their fine chocolates. Get to know where the cocoa beans come from and how they need to be processed in order to produce chocolate.

The gourmet experience finishes with a stroll through the narrow streets of the picturesque town of Sant Sadurni d´Anoia before returning back to Barcelona. Do not miss this Barcelona Wine Tour!

Things to do in Barcelona

Intimate Champagne & Chocolate Getaway by The Barcelona Feeling: Enjoy a day trip out of town and discover the arts of cava and chocolate making. Visit a Cava winery – a must do in Barcelona.

Visit the winery of Codorníu – an architectural highlight in the design of Catalan Modernism. A tour includes a train ride through parts of the caves that are 30 km long in total.

Did you know?

… Up to the 1980s Cava was called Xampanya – the Catalan word for Champagne – as it is produced in the same method like the French sparkling wine. Due to the protection of the name of the Champagne region the EU obliged Catalan wine makers to use a different designation. This was the moment when the name Cava was born. In Catalan it means cave or cellar, thus the storage place of the bottles.

… that on weekdays you can find great lunch menus for a very decent price? Introduced in 1965 by the government by law it has now become a custom to offer a 3-course-menu including bread and wine for a reasonable price. In Barcelona there are many places that offer good value for around 12 Euros.

… The most exlusive Cava´s need to be stored at a constant temperature of around 18 degrees celsius. The very special ones need to be in a horizontal position to maximize the contact of the wine with the yeast. The bottles will then be turned a little bit every day. This is one of the reasons why certain types of cava´s can be much more expensive.