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In August 2020 The Barcelona Feeling launched their first online experience: Zoom around panoramic Barcelona. During 75 minutes we will spend a virtual day with you in our beautiful city while you can sit comfortably on your sofa at home sipping from your favourite drink.

We are very happy with the success of this virtual tour. Until today we held more than 100 online tours with more than 800 guests in total. We have received more that 100 reviews with an average  of 4.9/5. 92% of our guests rated the virtual tour with excellent and gave 5 stars.

We have hosted large groups with up to 70 people for big, multinational companies just before Christmas as part of a team or corporate event including Google, E+Y or Salesforce.

Online tours hosted

Guests welcomed

Reviews received

5 Star Reviews

What is an online experience?

Online experience are held live by an expert host who will share his or her topic in an interactive way. Usually video conferencing platforms such as ZOOM or MS Teams will be used for these sessions. It is a great way to connect with people from all over the world or with colleagues working constantly in home offices especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Usually we keep the groups very small with a maximum of six people attending a shared session. This way a personal, intimate atmosphere will be created. For private and corporate groups different arrangements can be made. 

During our virtual tour in Barcelona we use material such as own photos, videos, Google Streetview and Google Earth. Guests are encouraged to ask questions and share personal stories with the rest of the participants during the 75 minutes tour.

Our team has very much welcomed the opportunity to be able to continue sharing their passion for Barcelona with guests from all over the world in these challenging times of COVID-19. 


What do our guests say?

We have received wonderful reviews from our guests. You can read many more in our Reviews Section.

This was a great experience for a wide range of audiences. We did it as a holiday event for our small office of six people. After having no ability to travel during COVID, and all working from our home offices, this was a breath of fresh air to travel from California to Barcelona in one afternoon and socialize with our co-workers during the holiday season. Our office provided a delivery of Spanish wine and cheese to enjoy during Michael’s narration, which really put us in the mood of holiday. Thanks and good luck in your business during COVID!

Karen, San Diego / California


Christian has an incredibly pleasant manner. He led us through Barcelona, ​​past wonderful buildings, all of which tell an impressive story. Christian manages to answer all the questions and still not lose the thread! Bravo!! I would say that the description of this online tour is very accurate! Since it was my first tour, I have no comparison to other providers. But I don’t need that to be able to say that I had a very interesting, impressive, beautiful and relaxed evening. That really makes you want to go to Barcelona! Thank you Christian for taking us with you !!

Bianca, Büdingen/Germany

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2024 – Online tours are still running strong

At the beginning of 2024 we have counted more than 2100 guests on more than 200 online tours. We have welcomed many more wonderful companies such as SAP The Netherlands, PWC USA, Capital Group USA, Carl Zeiss Germany, Boehringer Ingelheim International, Damco Germany GmbH, Orange Otters Amsterdam, Novitas BKK Germany, FSD Köln/Germany or Abbvie.