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We are very pleased about The Barcelona Feeling being featured in the new Barcelona travel guide from the renowned Michael Müller Verlag, Germany’s market leader for individual travel.

“Barcelona Adventure – a city in experiences” is exactly the right title for a great work that really makes you want to go on a city trip to the Mediterranean metropolis.

“How do you approach a world-famous place in a different way? We wanted to completely turn the usual travel guide concept around. We reduced the main sights and expanded the experiences. (..) The focus of the experiences is on extraordinary activities beyond all clichés: unexpected guided tours (…)” says the editor in his introduction (p.3). With “Feel like Gaudí” we are one of those unexpected tours in Barcelona that the author particularly enjoyed.

The author, Frank Feldmeier, accompanied us on our discovery in March 2023. With our guide Christian, he toured Barcelona for two hours and got to know top works by Catalan master architects, such as Gaudi’s Casa Batlló, the breathtaking concert hall, Palau de la Música by Domènech i Montaner and a palace by Puig I Cadafalch, which he designed for the rich industrialist family Amatller. During the tour, Christian explained not only the origins of the Modernist art movement, but also many of the inspirations that these architects had – from nature, to Catalonia’s rich history, to the region’s most important legends.

The two-hour walk ended in Angelika’s “Mosaiccos” workshop. Angelika, who like Christian also comes from Germany, has lived in Spain for over 30 years and has specialized in Gaudí’s Trencadís mosaic art. In 2016, the President of Catalonia presented her with a master’s certificate for her artistic skills and she became an ambassador of Catalan traditions.

Angelika gave Frank a short introduction to the technology so that he could get started straight away. After an hour, he had created his own souvenir – a coaster – that he could take with him straight away. What a great memory of the Barcelona visit!

Review: “Barcelona Adventure” is absolutely recommended

We looked at the complete travel guide. Focusing less on the main attractions and more on exploring with locals is very refreshing. “Locals” in particular often have very exciting insights and know places that are not in the typical travel guides. The travel guide is therefore highly recommended by us and is certainly very suitable as a gift for Christmas or a birthday.

Where is the “Barcelona Adventure” guide book available?

  • The book is available directly from Michael Müller Verlag and costs 17.90 euros.
  • Alternatively, you can also order it online from Amazon.
  • Or you can simply order the travel guide from your favorite bookstore!

Activities in Barcelona

  • “Feel like Gaudí – Tour and Workshop” by The Barcelona Feeling is a special experience in Barcelona to get to know both the impressive Modernist architecture and Gaudí’s mosaic art.
  • If you would like to do a mosaic workshop lasting several hours, then contact Angelika from Mosaiccos directly.

All our experiences are offered in English and German.

Top reviews for our experience “Feel like Gaudí”

Together with Mosaiccos, we have been offering this combined experience for several years. Not only did we welcome dozens of couples and families, but also numerous companies used this experience for a team building event. We are particularly proud of an annual event when we welcome 50 students from the University of Oklahoma. Below are some top reviews from our guests.

“What a wonderful afternoon! Our family (teens and their parents) so enjoyed our private tour of Barcelona with Christian! He is incredibly knowledgeable about Gaudí and “modernism” architecture. We traipsed around the city, stopping to look at fabulous architecture and hearing great stories along the way. Christian is a wonderful guide, had lots to share and made the two hours fly by. After our leisurely, two hour promenade, Christian handed us off to Angelika and we made lovely mosaics in her studio in an hour! We had our own private space, were offered to either make a magnet or decorate the top of a small box. We all chose the magnets and had such fun creating a pattern out of glass or ceramic tiles, a la Gaudí! We left on time with our beautiful work of art. We would all HIGHLY RECOMMEND this wonderful and unique experience! Thank you for such a fun filled and enjoyable afternoon!“

Cassie from the United States

“A wonderful experience in a very relaxed atmosphere. I had the pleasure to have a one-on-one walk-and-talk and it took me to wonderful places and great conversations that went beyond the realm of architecture! The ceramic workshop was a lot of fun and it feels very rewarding to go home with a little piece of “art”. I will do it again for sure next time I’m in town! Can’t wait!”

Laurence from Canada